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“Picture Nepal is my dream. I had it on my mind when I started photography more than a decade ago.”

About Kusal

Kusal Bista takes his camera everywhere he goes and describes himself as a humorous guy who loves to explore the world with an adventurous mind. He seeks happiness even from the smallest things in life, which helps Kusal draw his inspiration from even the little flicker of events.

It all started back in the year 2008 when Kusal embarked on his first journey around Nepal. He soon realized that there was so much more to his country than what meets the eye. At that time, there were few foreigners who traveled places in Nepal other than the Himalayas and even few Nepalese who toured the nation at all. 

The land of his birth seemed to have been buried in the news, while the outside world revered momentum. Kusal decided it was time to tell Nepal’s real story, from his own unique perspective as an insider with roots.

Kusal’s photography draws incredible energy from the places he travels. His images depict a space that is rich, layered, and full of life in a very specific way. The colors, textures, and tones blend in and out of each other as they unveil the underlying story within the unique context of Nepal and its culture. 

Nepal is a land of diverse cultures, languages, ethnic groups, lifestyles, cuisines, and values. The level of extraordinary differences among the Nepalese is matched by its stunning geographical diversity, ranging from low plain to green hills to the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The lifestyle of Nepalese people differs from Terai to the Himalayan region.

After years of traveling and exploring Nepal, Kusal wanted to exhibit the diversity he encountered on his journey. In the year, 2012 his photography exhibition “Nepal and its Diversities” was showcased in Bhrikuti Mandap and inaugurated by Mr. Lokendra Bista Magar (Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal).

The success of the exhibition gave him the added encouragement to further his dream of promoting how diversely beautiful Nepal is in every aspect.

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